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Rohan Online Introduction

Rohan is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). As with other MMORPGs, Rohan is a MMORPG that allows players to control a character within the game world, explore lands, kill monsters, perform quests, adopt a pet, get a mount, and interact with NPCs and other players. The game emphasizes on a Player Killing environment. Players can track up to 50 players that had previously killed them by a button on the interface called the Hit List.

PvP is a major part of rohan gold: Once players reach level 30, they gain the ability to attack other players for gain of riches and experience. They will also be susceptible to the same. PvP battles include 1-on-1 fights, guild battles, and township battles. PK will not be an option until the player reaches level 30.

Characters in game have a hit list to refer to. rohan gold Player Killers are listed and the player can teleport to them. Previous 50 killers of the player are listed.
Besides the above mentioned PvP methods, Dhans and Dekans have the ability "Persona Switch" to change from a standard character with negative consequences for killing others, to a character whose prime objective is to kill others with resulting rewards. They become "player-controlled monsters" who are anonymous killers preying on other players for experience. To other players, they look just like another monster. However, because they are player-controlled they are smarter, tougher, and unpredictable. These players cannot party with others or join quests, but they cannot be identified by their victims for revenge. They also receive triple the experience for killing others, to counteract the fact that they cannot join quests or parties. Players who manage to slay one of these creatures will also receive benefits.

In the game, rohan crone players can wage civil wars with the ruling guild in town. Winning guild of Township Battles gets to govern the town and set taxes for everyone utilizing the town for one week. Winning guilds receive currency, mounts, special badges, etc. The town NPCs and patrols will bear the name of the winning guild for the entire week as well.

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