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The Quest for the Coat of Arms

Fiesta Online, a free MMORPG with over 2 million players, has an event beginning with the opening of their new server, "Legel."

The server and event open Monday, August 19, and the first 500 people who reach level 50 will be awarded with a unique, permanent item called the Coat of Arms that will continue to protect their character on the rest of their journey to level 105. Every player who enters this server for the first time will start at level one, giving everyone an equal chance.

For full details, click here. And Good Luck!
At OnRPG we really like to get rumors straight from the source. This time we heard from someone at Outspark that they are working on a new dungeon for high level players: The Crystal Castle!

Higher level monsters inhabit this dangerous tower so only players level 60-69 are permitted to enter.

Players must group up to go in, and inside they will fight their way from room to room through waves of monsters encountering several bosses along the way until they reach the end where the final boss awaits.

Due to the difficulty of the dungeon there is an increased chance for better than average items to drop.

July 1st, the race to one million Spark Cash event began on the new Fiesta Gold server, Cypion. The Spark Cash immediately became available to the first three people to reach the level cap, level 105, but the amount has been decreasing every hour.

Being a new server, all the players who created an account there started at level one, giving no one a special advantage.

Now the event is coming to a close. Two people are level 103, and a third is level 97. The prize is currently at 776,000 Spark Cash, which is more than enough for any person to buy every premium item that becomes available for quite some time.

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