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ROSE Online: New World: Draconis! for PC gamers

Draconis, a new world in Gravity’s ROSE Online title is now open. Over 800,000 ROSE Online community members can experience a fresh start on a brand new world, Draconis!

For those new to the ROSE Online world, Leonis is our first world, the Visitors of Leonis are aged veterans and can offer a lot of wisdom and support to new players, while Draconis is new and a good opportunity to explore a new world and be the first to find or tackle some of the ROSE Online Quests and Bosses. Both worlds will experience the same game play and EXP rates. Players can join either world to begin their adventure and to make their legends known.

“The new World has been a long time coming….” said Jay Choi, Vice President. “…with all the changes to the combat system, PvP system, significant number of new Quests, and a continued storyline, it’s a whole new game.”

Designed with fantasy and anime themes, Gravity’s title, ROSE Online(rose online zulie), engages it’s users in story driven quests, battling monsters, worlds to explore and the ability to socialize with friends while engaged in special events and activities. Gravity’s games offer user controlled PVP and Clan combat systems, enhanced item upgrading systems, customizable stats, unique skills, pets, customizable characters and numerous events and community outlets.

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