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ROSE players can buy spins to try

Marina Del Rey, CA - ROSE Online, with its addictive game play and cute characters, has entertained players worldwide for years. Today ROSE Online is launching their newest in-game feature the Lucky Spin - allowing gamers to spin for a multitude of items and costumes. Accessed through the Item Mall window, ROSE players can buy spins to try and complete brand new looks!

Not only are they fashionable, but each additional item users obtain from a set, gives extra costume stat bonuses to help players on their journey. If one does not like the prize or wants to complete a different set, they can convert each item into Lucky Coins for another try at their luck. With more than 40 unique items players can win, and new costumes scheduled to be added regularly, the Lucky Spin will add hundreds of new character customizations for the player.

The Lucky Spin can be accessed through the Item Mall window through the tabbing system. The multitude of brand new costume pieces can be viewed through the Item List. The available prizes per spin are shown on the shuffle board. By shuffling the board the player has a chance to swap prizes from within the Item List. Every spin comes with five shuffles!

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