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The Lists of Slayer in Rose Online

Glad to see you in Mmofisher. We have some summary about Slayer of Rose Online to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like.

For complete lists of Slayer masters, equipment(rose online zulie), monsters, locations, and unique drops visit the Knowledge Base. This is for Slayer Guide. You will not be disappointed. This post is here since Slayer is our favorite way of training Melee. This is because the Black Mask acts as a constant Super Str and Attack pot.

Combine this with a Combat Pot or D B axe Spec and you train like you are 12 levels(rose online zulie) higher. Unless you are in a PC Clan or just love killing Experiments for nothing, it does not get any faster than this. With the addition of the Slayer helmet that you can now combine all of your protective gear with the Black Mask, giving you even more flexibility with slayer tasks as well as adding the defense bonus of a Rune full and saving some bank space.

This alone is worth doing Smoking Kills and completing consecutive tasks, and you will need quite a few, but almost as useful is the ability to make Slayer rings. Not only do these give instant access to those previously remote slayer spots, but there is a fairy ring a few steps away from the Relikka Slayer Cave making this ring your best access point to nearly everywhere on RS.

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