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The Profitable experience of ROSE

Hello! this is Gamewhs . we can make full use of it. I have played Rose Online game for several years, and summed up the experience points to make money.
Role Status,
Rank 16.
Equipment, lighter, the worst armor, 60000 rose zuly of the fox claws, full release of all be able to put the auxiliary magic.
First of all, I would pick the following tasks.
Lv5 the anger of ancestral spirits 1500
Lv6 the Holy Land of the aggressors
Lv9 and the Wolf clan fighting in 1200 blood
Lv11 Black wing spy 3500
Lv15 Hess spit Iraq Totem 1700
One should pay attention to what is Lv6 task, when passing something lead to the pursuit of AMP hook claws, then at least a basic salary of five dollars, so we pick up, but I did not rely on that make rose zuly .
Lv5 task is the primary task, it was not then a high grade, but I would say you are wrong. Tomb Betty will be out this task props right, but a higher level of Tomb Betty captain will be out too. Hit 50 there are1, 500 gold, even if you make can not afford to gold, the basic floor for at least 30 coin each.
In fact, Lv11 task is often ignored by many people, this is actually a very easy way of making rose zuly , thinking about playing 70 teeth had 3,500 coins, a minimum basic salary of 50 coins each, but you do not need hit50.
Lv15 mission is most inconsistent with the return on investment, the one reason is that Bear grades high, and about 50 to appear possessed souls, kill him and props for the task can only be sold 1700 gold, on this level is absolutely not cost effective in terms of the master.
Here to say one, if you really want to make gold, then you should not hit the deputy leader of werewolf instead of werewolf. In addition to, you should not touch Lv15 task, but if you want to find a little excitement, then you can do it.
In fact, werewolf make rose online zulie district play speed some things to be faster, but really, just playing some kind of strange really boring.

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