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The way in Silkroad to get elements

Hello guys, glad to see you at Mmofisher!

We will introduce the way to get elements in Rose Online, and this short statement is from other site, just have a look please !

The way about how to get elements as follows:

1. Destroyer rondo Items. All the item drops like weapons or protector that you aren’t going to use destroy for elements. Do Not NPC anything. Let me repeat myself. Do not NPC anything.

2. Void rondo alchemy items. Get a helper pet if at all possible. They pick up items for you while you grind. Most people don’t pick up alchemy items but they do pickup gold. It is true you can't buy pots with elements, but the alchemy items are worth anywhere from 1k - 10k. So if you have a choice of gold or alchemy items pick up the alchemy.

Note* When you will actually by items from other people to destroyer rondo there will be times.

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