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Products Price Server Character Name Buy
500M Zuly 6.06 EUR AruaROSE
600M Zuly 7.27 EUR AruaROSE
700M Zuly 8.48 EUR AruaROSE
800M Zuly 9.69 EUR AruaROSE
900M Zuly 10.89 EUR AruaROSE
1000M Zuly 12.10 EUR AruaROSE
1500M Zuly 18.14 EUR AruaROSE
2000M Zuly 24.16 EUR AruaROSE
3000M Zuly 36.23 EUR AruaROSE
4000M Zuly 48.29 EUR AruaROSE
5000M Zuly 60.33 EUR AruaROSE
6000M Zuly 72.36 EUR AruaROSE
7000M Zuly 84.37 EUR AruaROSE
8000M Zuly 96.39 EUR AruaROSE
9000M Zuly 108.37 EUR AruaROSE
10000M Zuly 120.36 EUR AruaROSE
15000M Zuly 180.44 EUR AruaROSE
20000M Zuly 240.48 EUR AruaROSE
30000M Zuly 360.54 EUR AruaROSE
40000M Zuly 480.47 EUR AruaROSE
50000M Zuly 600.28 EUR AruaROSE
60000M Zuly 719.98 EUR AruaROSE
70000M Zuly 839.56 EUR AruaROSE
80000M Zuly 959.02 EUR AruaROSE
90000M Zuly 1,078.35 EUR AruaROSE
100000M Zuly 1,197.57 EUR AruaROSE
150000M Zuly 1,795.46 EUR AruaROSE
200000M Zuly 2,392.75 EUR AruaROSE
300000M Zuly 3,587.33 EUR AruaROSE
The ultimate goal of R.O.S.E Online is to learn more your role as a Visitor, and take an active part in the world of R.O.S.E Online as the main story unfolds. Depending on your discoveries and actions, you may either play an involved role in the main story, or have your own adventures.

Welcome to R.O.S.E (Rush on Seven Episodes) the first ever MMORPG that features seven different planets! The world of R.O.S.E Online consists of 7 unique planets, each planet has it own set of particular environments, rules,laws and characteristics.

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