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Scions of Fate Trading information

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Here I found some information about trading in Scions of Fate from another site, and now I put it here hope it could give you some help in the game, and by the way, if you need cheap Scions of Fate Gold to up your character to higher level, you can go to our site and have a look, it is a reliable website, now take a look please!


Of course, in the game when you get something and you would like to sell or trade it, then you can request to trade with another player by right clicking their character while you are close to them, then select "Trade" in the drop down menu. Once the trade window is open you can drag items into a slot to be traded.

At the bottom of your inventory screen you can also trade Scions of Fate Gold to another player in this menu by dragging the crone icon , selecting the appropriate amount you would like to trade, and press "confirm", then it will ok.

Thanks for your time, and I highly hope it is informative for you, any questions you can contact our customers service by live chat, we will solve it as soon as possible. And hope you have a nice time on our site.

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