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The price of the stall in Scions of Fate

This is Mmofisher. This content is main about the price of the stall in Scions of Fate. Hope it can drive your attention, just have a look !

You have learned some prices and you have earned some gold. Now it is time to start buying(Scions of Fate Gold) to resell. It happens naturally by the way. Once you have stalled a certain type of item and you suddenly see it being sold way too cheap in somebody else's stall, you grab it and reprice it in your own stall. At the higher price you know it will sell for without problem.

We started with +3STR protections and accessories. We had a STR chinese char and of course +3STR stuff was the shit because our character was so much better with it. We realized we were ready to pay(Scions of Fate Gold) much more for a +3STR piece of clothes than for a normal one. Much more than for a lvl+3 one, even. To give you an ideas say a blank pair of gloves was worth 5K, we would be ready to pay 30 to 50K for one that would be +3STR.

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