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Sho Online F.A.Q. for PvP Rankings

Here are some answers for the questions about Sho Online PvP rankings , read it please . Hope helpful for you get much more Sho mun... 

1. Q : Why does the Excellent Warrior Manager not give me my stat points?

A : There is a minimum level requirement to make sure 1-15 Sho mun PvP remains fair; you need to be at least level 16 to claim your bonus stat points.

2. Q : When I get a higher rank and did not claim my stat points yet, will I lose some?

A : No, you won't ever lose bonus stat points from ranks in any way. The Excellent Warrior Manager gives you stat points in succession for each rank achieved.

3. Q : How many times can I redeem points from the Excellent Warrior Manager?

A : You can redeem your points from him as many times as you want, and whether you redeem them at every interval, or just at the final interval you will have the same number of bonus points.

4. Q : What happens when I use a Stat Reset Stone?

A : The Stat Reset Stone also resets your bonus stat points to 0. You have to go back to the Excellent Warrior Manager and claim them all again.

5. Q : Do I also get bonus stat points from victories in duels?

A : No, duel Victories and Defeats are counted separately and have nothing to do with Kills and Deaths from PvP. You won't gain nor lose anything by having either.

6. Q : Can I make a character on the other side, kill it many times and get stat points too?

A : No, that is called "stat padding" and is forbidden. The GMs will reset the rank of a stat padder and temporarily ban the stat padder for some time, if it is the first incident. Doing it again leads to a permanent ban of the accounts in Sho mun.

7. Q : When my party kills others in a GvG, will we get counts for Kills and Deaths too?

A : Yes, Guild vs. Guild battles are the same as PvP battles in this regard.

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