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Sword of the New World: Granado Espada Expansion Manifest Destiny

K2 Network announced today that it has launched an expansion for its epic Age of Exploration MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada. The new expansion is entitled Manifest Destiny; a name that was proposed by the game's own community. The expansion offers five new characters, two new maps and five new zones as well as new events and additions to the game's item store.

 Sword of the New World Vis : Granado Espada players were included in the process of naming the expansion and the Halian Family from the game's Orpesia World proposed the eventual winner: Manifest Destiny.

"We feel that this name perfectly encompasses all of the aspect of the expansion," said Philip Maurer, Associate Producer at K2 Network. "As Pioneers will be exploring further West in this expansion, claiming the new lands "Manifest Destiny" puts a real spin on the continuing storyline as the Crown and the Republic begin to lay claim to lands that seem to be occupied by other inhabitants. As the story moves westward it will become clear, that this land was put here by providence and it is up to the Pioneers, to take it."

New Characters in  Sword of the New World Vis
The expansion brings with it five new UPC (unique playable characters), with three of these characters immediately available on launch day: Soso, Angie and Viki.

Soso is a girl who has traveled to Granado Espada from the far away lands east of Ciam. She is highly skilled in the martial arts and is eager to join the ranks of any family adventuring through the New World. Angie is the niece of Jack, the Overseerer of the Reboldoeux Quarry.

Like her uncle she is skilled in the use of the Construction stance. She has just arrived in the New World and already has a problem that can only be solved with the help of brave pioneers. Viki is a little boy from El Tejado Verde who is sick, but with your help he becomes a powerful ally who can summon some of the strongest monsters in Granado Espada to fight for him. With his help Pioneers will be ready to tackle the wilds of the  Sword of the New World Vis.

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