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Shadow of Legend (SOL), is the world s first High-Performance, Cross-Platform MMORPG targeting mobile devices.The key design concept behind Shadow of Legend silver: making the game equally accessible on PCs and on various mobile devices.

All the functionalities of the Shadow of Legend silver game are implemented on the mobile devices.

So when playing Shadow of Legend silver you cannot tell which player is on PC and which player is using mobile device. This is very important to users who want to take the game anywhere and play anytime.

Void Ravager: Can boost mining 1 on top of his invisible 1 boost. He also forages ores. Great mining pet but uses Green charms at lowish exp for the pouch. His scroll takes you to Pest Control lander

Void Spinner: Appears weak, but it heals you for 1 hp regularly, and the scroll can teleport you to the Pest Control lander. Having a pet healer is just great for thieving, fighting, anything using up hp

Void Shifter: For the safety minded individual, this pet is King. It teleports you to Pest Control if you drop below 10%, and the scroll can teleport you as well. Its combat is nothing to laugh at either. Use on new quests or areas you're not sure you'll survive in

Macaw: Obviously for use when hunting for herbs, from herb droppers such as chaos druids and chaos druid warriors. Using herbcall whenever special renews makes for fast exp indeed. Selling your potions should pay for the pet. Bird View lets you find the Giant Mole easily and quickly, or view C Wars for Flag hiders

Evil Turnip: One of the few methods of lowering an enemies ranged ability in Shadow of Legend silver. Obviously, since Jagex loves rangers, this ability is a spell (which rangers are strong against), the seed is quite a rare drop and it grows only one turnip per seed. Could be used in duels if its unnerfed.

Pyrelord: Invisible 3 Firemake boost, and the scroll can smelt a piece of jewelry out of a gold bar. He can act as a tinderbox for 10 more xp per log than usual, tiny bit exp more for a bit of cost

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