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Soul Master News List
Soul Master Close Beta Test Review

Soul Master online game, people will start to think it was just another kind of MMO-RPG game, but they were wrong ! Soul Master is not just a MMO-RPG, its MMO-RTS. Additionally, this is not the type R..


Soul Master is a free-to-play MMORTS developed

Soul Master is a free-to-play MMORTS developed by NPluto and published by GamesCampus. The game features persistent hero units, however, the game is distinct in that it offers players full MMORPG-styl..


Useful Information for SoulMaster players

Soul Master, the main role of a priest in a team battle should be falling close to your teammates, checking up on you and your allys bases for an intrusion, that can help you against opponents, and wh..


Faction and Class Distinction and Customization in Soul Master

Soul Master is getting a chance to see how the emerging MMORTS genre is progressing in the industry, and how the variation and customization available to character classes, buildings and units, and st..


GamesCampus' MMORTS Soul Master Open Beta Starts August 12

Soul Master will enter open beta tomorrow, Thursday, August 12. Developed by NPluto, Soul Master is an addictive new game that takes the innovation behind customizable Hero units in the RTS genre to a..


Soul Master Review: Is This Perfect For MMORTS Fans

Soul Master is a new MMO title published by GamesCampus that mixes arcade action and RTS game play with the features of an MMORPG all rolled into one pretty package. Players can travel the world of So..


Soul Master Gets Major Content Update

Soul Master will get a major content update today, September 28, 2010. The new content includes Three new missions and boss fights, Exp that is now given per each monster defeated, new Bonus Life and ..


Play As Priests in SoulMaster

SoulMaster, there are so many people play as priests, may you wonder the reason. To simply enjoy the fact of being magical beings. Also, though priests cant deal the best damage, they can have the gre..


Action-paced MMORTS Soul Master Released New Trailer

Soul Master, a mixture of online action role-play and real-time strategy, currently in open beta. In Soul Master, three rival factions battle for the right Soul Master Gold to rule the realm of Elamon..


SoulMaster Information for Bearcat

Soul MasterSoul Master MMORTS announcedby Jef Reahard Mar 18th 2010 at 6:00PMFiled under: Fantasy, Trailers, Video, MMO industry, New titles, News items, Free-to-play, MMORTS, Soul MasterThe free-to-p..


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