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Action-paced MMORTS Soul Master Released New Trailer

GamesCampus has released a new trailer for Soul Master, a mixture of online action role-play and real-time strategy, currently in open beta. In Soul Master, three rival factions battle for the right Soul Master Gold to rule the realm of Elamond. The game is entirely mission-based: cities act as meeting points for players to interact and trade with others and as a starting-point to set out on missions together. NPCs have many adventures ready for players to begin, either alone or with a group. The aim of these missions is more than just commanding your character and mastering your weapon, resources need to be captured and used to build a base and amass a powerful army. Soul Master Money will be launched in North America later this year - the game will be released in Europe by gamigo AG.


Soul Master Gold atures a unique combat system that allows players to create structures, progress through technology trees and produce and command units-all while developing a persistent character of their own. With resource-driven RTS combat, Soul Master Gold allows players to create defensive towers, barricades, resource harvesting structures, and unit production facilities while progressing through simplified, traditional RTS tech-trees that let players focus on strategic, active gameplay in both Team and Free-for-All PvP. Players will find the game's PVP highly competitive and a variety of strategies will be necessary for each player to utilize their own strengths in order to win. Players enter the game's battle lobby and can join teams of up to 6 people and enter Team Vs. Team games or Free For All matches playing against either human opponents or AI controlled characters.
Soul Master includes rich item customization systems that enable players to acquire unique stat and skill bonuses both for their personalized avatars, as well as their RTS buildings, production capabilities, and controlled units. In addition to the robust PvP content, Soul Master Gold features a wide range of PVE scenario modes such as defending objectives, escort missions, co-op challenges, boss raids, and AI RTS battles.

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