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Play As Priests in SoulMaster

In SoulMaster, there are so many people play as priests, may you wonder the reason. To simply enjoy the fact of being magical beings. Also, though priests can't deal the best damage, they can have the greatest impact on a match.
Alright start with the move set:
Regular Combo: Ball of magic followed by the final big one which pushes back.

Knockdown Attack: Dash+click.
Teleport: Spacebar+Direction Key(w,a,s,d) or without direction key it simply goes to the direction that you are facing.
While how a priest should act in pvp. A priest should not usually venture out alone as unless you are a skilled priest, it will be difficult to go up against multiple human opponents, particularly the melee classes(Soul Master Gold) as they have more powerful and faster attacks then you. When a priest is near a teammate or teammate's minions she should use her buffs as although it doesn't seem like much, the buffs can actually turn the tide into your teammate's favor.
A priest should use all her skills to stun/delay/hurt her opponent, so that her teammate can go in for the kill. Also, a priest should always not let her guard down as even falling once can really be fatal as many people tend to surround you with minions and barrage you with their attacks.

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