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Soul Master Close Beta Test Review

At the very first time of mentioning Soul Master online game, people will start to think it was just another kind of MMO-RPG game, but they were wrong ! Soul Master is not just a MMO-RPG, it's MMO-RTS. Additionally, this is not the type RTS games where everyone familiar of by controling units from top view, Soul Master is a 'Hero' base controlable character, where player could level, equip and learn new skill along with constructing buildings, summoning their army and war againts others player.

The game is hosted by GameCampus, is a MMO-RTS developed by Npluto, Korea. Having to finish the recent Close-Beta Test, i would say Soul Master is one of the most unique RTS games that have ever seen.

Player will gain control over a single character they created, this character can use skills, gain levels, build buildings and command soul units where they'll have their own special skills.

Soul Master started with a simple, Soul Master Gold easy to understand tutorial along with storyline, which covers almost everything that a player needed to know, from how to moving to dash, till summoning and wiping your opponents base. And of course, they would need to polish their skill enough to master the tactics and strategies of their own character.

Player will have 2 life by default where they'll be revived once they have died, there are varieties type of mission can be done, such as defend their base and hold their ground, or to kill a boss with only a limited number of Soul Unit they found.

The resources are called "Seed",these resources are limited, and are used to build your armies which would decide the match outcome. In a normal match againts another CPU or Player, to win, player either need to kill their opponents until they ran out of life, or all their main building razed.

In Soul Master, you could either gain level by partying and doing mission available in town, or to team up to get into Battle Lobby for pvp matches.

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