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Soul Master is a free-to-play MMORTS developed

Soul Master is a free-to-play MMORTS developed by NPluto and published by GamesCampus. The game features persistent hero units, however, the game is distinct in that it offers players full MMORPG-style control over these characters. All the while players can research technology, build structures, and produce command units along the same vein as your typical RTS. 

Soul Master is a 3D fantasy action MMORPG with some strategy elements published by GamesCampus. Players can create buildings, work their way through technology trees and train and command units – all while developing a persistent world character.
Gameplay wise, it’s very similar to Dragonica Online and Fists of Fu, as it’s very linear. Players must complete one stage before being able to play the next one. Think of Soul Master (Soul Master Gold)as a mix between Dragonica, Pikmin and Age of Empires. It’s a unique blend of multiple genres and is actually quite fun.

Soul Master has a distinct cartoony look to it, almost like League of Legends, as they are sleek and bright.

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