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SoulMaster Information for Bearcat

Following we provide you some information about Bearcat in SoulMaster, have a look. Including Weapon, Armor and some Special abilities.

Magic claw-hands. The bearcat is still a melee fighter, but their weapon, the "Iron Claw" extends their reach beyond what you'll usually see with a knight's sword. The extra range allows the bearcat to attack a lot of opponents at once with basic attacks.

Medium. Bearcats don't get as much HP(buy soul master money) or defense as knights, but still more than priests.We have the cheapest SoulMaster Gold

Special abilities:
- Claw Swing: The bearcat projects his claw-hands forward to attack and stun opponents at mid-range.
- Hide: The bearcat becomes invisible for 10 seconds.
- Trap: The bearcat throws down three homing-claws that will track down and hurt the closest enemy. These traps will even wait for an enemy to get close if there is no targets where they're placed.
- Burning Turn: The bearcat will spin to damage enemies nearby, and jump forward a good distance


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