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Useful Information for SoulMaster players

In Soul Master, the main role of a priest in a team battle should be falling close to your teammates, checking up on you and your ally’s bases for an intrusion, that can help you against opponents, and when retreating as a fellow member that can also helpful. Several variety of methods can be induced to help out against chasing opponents, such as the variety of skills earned through quests, shops, and so on.

By the way,Soul Master Gold in the game is very useful if you want to play well in the game.You can go to buy some.

Following i will introduce you two kinds of Units in Soul Master, combined with the other articles on our website and select the most suitable one for you. Hope you can have a good time with this game.

Odin: Rating: 8/10: Many players think that they are really great units as they use ice attacks which freeze/slow opponents and do nice damage, their skill is buy Soul Master Gold to charge to the spot you indicate and set themselves up as artillery, with very long range and pretty good damage. They are very suitable for tandem with Medusa. Also they can not attack anything too close to them. The reason is that you can block an enemy from an area, then set a squad of Odin up to fire upon them from behind the Medusa line. But the problem are that the heavy cost of producing them and the fact that they have such slow attack speed. While if you can afford them, they are truly useful units.

Nikkeh-Basically an upgraded version of Titta, and has pretty much the same skill, except that it slightly pushes back after the impact, and does more damage. You are not recommended to use them since medusas do a better job tanking and destroying enemy units. However, they can buy some Soul Master Money and tank a large amount of hits, so if you really feel strong about using titta-like units, go ahead. However, they spend a lot so you must pay attention to when you use the seed count.

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