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Star Trek Online News List
Star Trek Online goes free-to-play

Star Trek Online joins the freemium gold-rush, but current and lapsed subscribers can join the new fleet as of today.sto credits). Veteran awards and priority login will be restricted to paying subscr..


Star Trek Online Introduces Skill Cap Last Minute

Star Trek Online fans until now it has implemented a skill cap.Source: Ask Cryptic Sept. 09 (May load a splash page first but the Ask Cryptic article is hidden behind it)In terms of how progression wo..


Design Star Trek Onlines Next Enterprise

Star Trek Online, they are the voyages of whatever you have cared to name your ship. Now though, CBS and Cryptics Star Trek Online are offering you the chance to design the next USS Enterprise and hav..


Socializing and the quiet of space in STO

The Star Trek universe caters to a whole lot of different interests. Youve got your basic sci-fi fan, who enjoys the shows and movies but doesnt get super into them. Youve also got your movie buffs, w..


Star Trek Online about some of the features

Emmert said the event gathered in front of fans, Star Trek Online about some of the features. According to the players who either belong to the Federation and the Balkans earth will belong to either p..


Gold Edition soon free for Stark Trek Online

sto credits will soon be omitted and replaced by a free model and you can get more sto credits for the game.The MMORPG sto credits Cryptic Studios has been out of the house earlier this year, eagerly ..


Star Trek Online: Make Close to Enemy and Attack

Star Trek Online will provide sufficient deterrent to do so, and the fit and Canon / real-life considerations. The point is, as an escort (BoP) users themselves, it is actually not that easy to stay i..


The best way to level in Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online .Pvp works nice cause theres always extra missions you can work to accomplish ( always a mission that rewards a few 100 skill points, for completing x amount of games, in addition to ..


Tightening Your Wallet for STO

Want to train your character? How can you do without gold item? Boring of farming gold yourself ? Lets do it for you! Come to experience our service,pay less and get faster delivery,safer trading and..


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