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Gold Edition soon free for Stark Trek Online

Good news for all Trekkies in the galaxy. The monthly fees for sto credits will soon be omitted and replaced by a free model and you can get more sto credits for the game.
The MMORPG sto credits Cryptic Studios has been out of the house earlier this year, eagerly anticipated and included. But after the release, there was much confusion due to various editions of "Standard" to "Silver" and "Gold" to the "Collectors Edition" and "Digital Deluxe Version". Every delivered version included several extras for sto credits, such as clothing for the improvement
of character, certain battle modes or download code.
Around the galactic chaos to unravel a bit, the staff of sto credits official forum have now in turn, announced a freely available sto credits. This would join the branch of the science fiction television series Free2Play the principle. This allows the player the basic functions of sto credits will explore free, it also has many limitations.
Whether such an offer is limited in time or only on certain missions remains to be seen. As a model example led to the employees, the principle of Lord of the Rings Online, where it is possible to play the actual games for free without time limit.
Who wants to use after the introduction of the free model additional game content, must pay for it.
It would be conceivable that are paid mainly for extra missions, items, or spaceships must. If the player in star trek credits acquired over very much, he can complete a subscription and continue to use individual features or as usual, the full scope of the game.
Full details on the restrictions and paid extensions for star trek credit are not yet known.

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