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Star Trek Online about some of the features

Day, the meeting place between Trekkie has also become a living legend, not actors Leonard Nimoy Spock (Leonard Nimoy), appeared. From the stage, "It's great technology and" willing to speak for the fans and the like Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios developer of games he introduced.
Emmert said the event gathered in front of fans, Star Trek Online about some of the features. According to the players who either belong to the Federation and the Balkans earth will belong to either power-driven Klingon Klingon Empire. As a playable race is not disclosed, but also other races like humans and Klingon. The player is the captain of the spacecraft, while Class Iki up space adventure, to ride a spaceship becomes larger. And fighting with each other by laser beams and missiles and spacecraft, as well as dive and adventure on the planet, we formed a fleet of interplanetary trade other players, as well as be able to develop the economy it.
Anxious about the release date has not been mentioned, also published Gameplay is exactly the game screen itself, CG movie by emphasizing that there is no image. Than I suggest that fans are likely to be released much faster.
These patterns of events containing a movie, sto credits official site has been published. In this movie, the man known as the Vulcan greeting Mr. Nimoy, and I appear with a unique hand, Emmert said that sto credits and found that speaks passionately about the scene.

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