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Star Trek Online: Make Close to Enemy and Attack

If cottage splashes and the de facto standard collision damage, Star Trek Online will provide sufficient deterrent to do so, and the fit and Canon / real-life considerations. The point is, as an escort (BoP) users themselves, it is actually not that easy to stay in your target, especially if a lot of progress, you have to consider healing, shields, jam sensor / CC / FBPing Other players who are attacking you, so it is almost the only way to tricobalt torps actually not in your target land, destroyed in transit, because they are more interesting so bloody slow.

Balance of Payments as a Klingon, not decloak until 5 km from the enemy, and completely stopped in the 2 km, use the reverse control. Please note that it is actually more difficult to maintain the firing arc of 45 degrees than if you shut down if you're far away, so you must be able to remain calm and use WSAD to move. There are other reasons too close, in addition to the constant fire in a shield in the Optional Protocol to the matters raised. Heavy Tricobalt torps take a long time to achieve the objective, easy to get blown up, so if you shut down, it is more likely to land. Similarly, the virtual machine will take some time to arrive, so was closed to allow more accurate. Even if the quantum torps benefit, because you know the enemy will not have time to treat the time, the land of the shield. Mine, of course, also benefit.

In fact, there are several ways to deal with this have been avoided maneuvres + tractor beam to use. Even if only avoided their maneuvres will do a lot of work, often as escort to "save" it in an emergency escape. It can make a cruiser at least it's shields, shields and purchase between the cooling time of the time Reagan. Do not know, if someone says, but the weapon(sto credits) damage in a drop of 4% per 2 km, from your target (IIRC, close rates do not remember the exact figures). Therefore, in order to get the maximum DPS out of your boat, you need to get as close to your enemy. This is the real artillery weapons level(sto credits), and thus are disproportionately escort and individuals rely more and more close with the enemy.


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