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Aeria Games Acquires StoneAge2

Aeria games has just acquired its seventh title called StoneAge2, a casual Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) created by DigiPark Inc. for release in North America.

Set in the prehistoric ages, StoneAge2 gold  brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who help humans roam altered terrains such as dungeons and arid desserts.

With the power of the spirits, users can learn current weather, predict danger and summon powerful dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are creatures that can be raised as pets by the users to help with the journey that lies ahead in StoneAge2 gold .

"StoneAge2 gold  has some great features that none of our other games can boast," said Susan Revelt, producer at Aeria Games. "SA2 is centered on a pet system where players can have up to 5 pets."

These pets all live with the user in a "den" that users can decorate, but the pets may dislike their living situation with the user, even throwing out the user's belongings if not kept happy.

"The Den keeps a video diary of all activity that the user can access while offline or use to post screenshots or short movies in blog or on a forum," Revelt said.

Along with an enhanced pet system comes a revolutionary way for users to interact with their pets such as a fixed camera to allow users to get in-game info from a Web site even when they are not connected to the game itself.

Pets can also keep in contact with the users through Internet-capable mobile phones and other media features that DigiPark wants to incorporate into online gaming.

"We can set up multiple cameras all throughout StoneAge2 gold  and players can take a peek into our world using their cell phones," said Josh Bakken, producer of StoneAge2 gold .

Starting around 1995, DigiPark set out to develop RPGs that made use of the Internet. Since then, they continued to work on developing more titles and are currently handling StoneAge2 gold  as their fifth MMORPG title.

The StoneAge franchise to date has over 11 million registered users and has generated over ?260 million dollars over six years.

DigiPark keeps working on new ways to utilize the Internet in game that can entertain and stimulate users.

Until now, their games have had the support of a great deal of customers not only in Japan, but in South Korea and throughout Asia.

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