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StoneAge2 Game Overview

In Stone Age2 Anime and Manga fans will discover a fanciful online world for their home computers. Besides the interaction between human players, the relationship between the characters and their pets, constitutes an essential game-play element. The skills of these cute companions and their capability to learn are decisive factors in determining the outcome of the turn-based fights.

Primeval spirits, mythical beings and dinosaurs once roamed the lovingly animated world of Stoneage2 Gold. But since the mysterious disappearance of the mighty dinosaurs, aggressive and evil creatures have taken over the world. Hunting, gathering and defending their soil now dominate the everyday life of the Manga characters. Players fan out from their individual housing to look for food and resources. Fortunately for them, the pets stand by their sides with their unique fighting and Stoneage2 Gold talents. Players will attentively take care of their virtual companions. With good upbringing and training some might even be used as mounts. Hobby Neanderthals can choose from almost 200 pets and even create their own unique creature as a loyal escort.

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