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Long ago, before the age of stone we know so well, was the world caught up in an Ice Age that left everything covered with a freezing frost? Was it instead an age of fire, with twisting rivers of lava coursing like veins through the barren land? Or??was it something completely different?

Stoneage2 Gold takes us back to an age when humans lived alongside the realm of spirits, Stoneage2 Gold and walked in the shadows of towering dinosaurs. Using the power of the spirits, humans learned how to predict the weather, be forewarned of danger, and call mighty dinosaurs to be their allies. There are even those who took dinosaurs as pets, raising them in their own homes as family.

In time, some dinosaurs learned how to understand human speech,Stoneage2 Gold and express their own feelings in words. No sooner had they learned how to talk than they became as chatty as any human, sending secret messages to their owners from time to time.

Although humans banded together to create a better lifestyle, nature remains a savage force, unleashing its power through storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. These natural forces shaped the terrain, altering the layouts of dungeons,Stoneage2 Gold and turning vast fields into arid desert scrubland. But when a great number of people gather in the same place, they can exert their force on nature, changing barren wastes into fields of flowers and even sometimes receiving strange gifts sent down from the sky.

Within the wide world, it is known that each person has a destined partner, bound soul-to-soul by the power of the Stone of Fate. Those who discover the Stone of Fate will see their future partner on their map, and when they find their partner, the Stone will grant them a new power, enabling them to gather more strong allies, Stoneage2 Gold and battle harsher foes.

This is an ancient world of stone and legend, where around blazing fires, tales are told of phantom flowers that never blossom, places where the moon never waxes, and a legendary treasure guarded by a fearsome pterosaur.

What adventures await beyond the rainbow on the horizon, unfurling in the soft blue sky after the raging storm has passed? Crawl out of that cave, find your destined partner, sharpen your flint spear, and head out on a new adventure in a world where dinosaurs are still king.


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