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The together through the Stone Age

Is there anything more fun than running as a cave man with a pack of cute, prehistoric pets through primeval forests? Of course there is! Running through primeval forests with a bunch of cave men, all of them with their own pack of cute, prehistoric pets! Stone Age 2 offers great options for all players
to interact with each other. There are group functions and friend lists, and of course a comprehensive guild system. But unlike in other games, the guilds of Stoneage2 Gold are not intended to separate players from each other or for mere battling in guild wars. The guild system of Stoneage2 Gold has been created for cooperation and interaction, including non-member players in fact.
For this purpose, guilds have multiple sponsoring functions. They can organize custom made quests for other players or hold a PVP tournament for the best pet teams to compete with each other. They are able to erect a totem pole not only for showing the glory of their guild but also to offer useful field functions like an item bank and a warp portal to teleport to distant places in the game world.
Some of these features can be used by non-members, too. Yet, the most glorious achievement for any guild in Stoneage2 Gold is to build a legendary guild tower. Legend relates that these buildings
can open a portal to unknown worlds. Because guilds in Stoneage2 Gold have such unique features,
creating them is a challenging task. Two high level characters have to successfully finish a difficult uest line in order to create a guild. But all efforts and hard work will surely be repaid by the fun and
possibilities that the guild functions do offer. Of course, guilds will have member-only functions like a guild bank, guild housing (so-called “guild den”), guild mail, guild chat and guild ranks – not to
forget interaction and group play under the same guild name and guild tag.

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