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Friday Feature - The Quest Continues

This week's Friday Feature is a teaser on some of the new quest content made available through Star Wars Galaxies Game Update 12 released this week.

We won't give you the walk through or the guide on how to complete it here but we will give you a sampling of the content and encourage you to go experience the quests first hand. In Game Update 12 we introduce a new quest series for SWG Credits players around level 50. 

The Corellian Droid Factory

Agent Taarna will now point you towards the Corellian Droid Bunker when you finish the last of the quests on Talus.

 If you've completed the last of the legacy quests, talk to Agent Taarna in Nashal to start the new quests. The quest works if you bypass that NPC and go direct to the droid bunker (-6369 341 Corellia) and talk to the NPC's inside you can pick up their quests. Now it's time to investigate the underground Droid factory and help CorSec end the droid threat.

A recent mishap has resulted in a previously hidden and deactivated droid manufacturing facility in reactivating, producing a number of battle and super battle droids. CorSec have received reports of clone war era droids patrolling the area and offers to pay the player SWG Credits, and if necessary take steps to end the problem.

The SWG Credits player is told to contact the CorSec agent at the entrance to the dungeon. The follow images are placed as teasers to as well as to give small tips as to what to look for when you arrive at the location.

 After climbing the steep hill of the cave you make your way in and meet Jornel Savas. Jornel Savas will provide you with your first set of instructions.

 You head down deeper into the cave and into a hall way of twists and turns until you enter a dimly lit room filled with scrupulous looking characters.

 You find that some of these indviduals really don't care for your presence. Once you deal with this situation you will meet and talk with the following people:

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