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Jump to Lightspeed Walkthrough

The Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed Guide was written to accompany you from your first novice days in space up to the most challenging battles for skilled SWG combat veterans. Quest walk-throughs, credit making methods and piloting tricks help you to gain an advantage over the competition:
Highlights of the SWG Credits  Jump to Lightspeed Guide:

* How to make 300,000 credits per hour as a pilot
* JTL progression: Grinding made child's play
* Macros, removing lag and more - the insider guide
* Beating the master pilot mission step-by-step
* A complete ship database including Rage of the Wookies ships
* Asteroid mining done seriously - resulting in serious money
* Making JTL movies and how to create a truly cinematic atmosphere
* PvP tactics, ships and maneuvers - become a PvP veteran in no-time

SWG Credits JTL Space basics: Flight mechanics and manoeuvres, speed vs. turning, efficient ways of taking out your enemies, escape macros, together with an in-depth looks at available components this chapter lies the foundation for your piloting career.

Reverse engineering: How it works, what you need to know about components and efficient setups. Learn what to watch our for and what to disregard, what role reward items play and how to obtain the KSE firespray.

Droids and flight computers: The author helps you out with a capacity list, an analysis of droid programs and several droid command tricks that will make life much easier for aspiring pilots. The SWG Credits Jump to Lightspeed Guide also includes complete listing of droid program macro commands.

Squadrons, missions, trainers: The SWG Credits Jump to Lightspeed Guide reviews each squadron and their missions for you to allow you to make an educated choice. Locations for trainers of all tiers are being provided as well.

JTL skill progression - grinding: Become familiar with the most rewarding grinding locations and apply several legal tricks that tremendously increase the rate at which you gain experience. The SWG Credits Jump to Lightspeed Guide advices you on skills and which ones you should train first as imperial, rebel or freelancer pilot.

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