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A Guide to Talisman Online Mage Build

There are many guides about the Talisman Online mage build , and each one has its own special characteristic . The following information is also a build for Mages , please have a look and hope you will like it !

Genarally , a basic requirement for of mage build are weapons and the rest in heal and this spans over all classes.

Mage has the option of going heal built as well but there are builds with a slighty above average spr, a large amount of spr or an almost nonexistent amount of heal.

The more spr you have , the more damage you do but high damage comes at the price (Talisman Gold) of a lower health, lower defense and such. If your gear is well argated then a high amount of spr will be a much better option because your gear replaces most of that defense a heal build would get.

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