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All guides of Talisman Online are not exactly the same; some will address instances, PVP and professions and many other tips, while others may not familiar with Talisman Online, but they all have one thing in common, and that is the fact they are still very useful even if you are not completely new to the class. Free updates for these guides are included for life; you can simply download updates from their member area.

However, they make no guarantee about how often updates will be made. The outline is that these guides will give you abundant new thing which you do not know. But if you already have months of playtime do not expect miracles. Also all guides have a period on leveling and money making, but to be frankly, do not expect too much from those period. Trying to squeeze all that trying to squeeze all that into 100-150 pages simply means they are not going to be very detailed. However, they are a good help compared to figuring everything out for yourself, but if you are looking for more advanced leveling(Talisman Gold) and strategies check out the guides above.

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