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Players Guide In Talisman Online

Here is card game guide of Talisman Online players that came from other site. Let me introduce to you. They are as follows:

The way of make money easier than farming gears. But basicly, you need money to start making it. Talisman Gold game icon can be found in the right small action bar, where is also gathering hall teleportation icon and mall icon. This action bar is below from the minimap, right up corner.

You need least 10 000 crons in order to start game. It's not hard to make if your 20-30 level(Talisman Gold). But you might wanna start whit 20 000 - 30 000 crons. Why you need more than 10 000 crons? Because minium rase is 10 000 and if you lose it from the starts you cant try again before you get another 10 000 crons.

Cards are same as 52 cards on Texas Hold'em or eny other that kind of card games. The game is basic one calculating cards.

Of course, you can buy Talisman Gold from our website, thank you for coming Mmofisher again! Have a nice day!

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