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Strategies of the Battle in Talisman Online

Hello again readers! Here are some tips for the Battle in Talisman Online, and Mmofisher has collected the correlative information on other site. Hope it can drive your attention.

Always fight on special terrain. The advantage is enormous when you are in combat. All of your hits will be doubled. Nevel attack an enemy standing on special terrain! It's stupid. Wait for them to get impatient and come to you. Unless you have an incredible advantage, you will lose the fight.

Special Terrain: Some patches on the ground look different. Usually, they are roughly 4x4 patches on the ground. In grassy areas, they will be covered by leaves. On beaches, they will be darker spots of sand.

When you start up a match, Spread out your troops, 3-3-4 onto three patches of special terrain. This way, if your units do get distracted before an attack, you will have units that you can use to back them up. If you do fight off of special terrain, make sure your enemy isn't standing on it either. If neither of you are on special terrain.

Try these tactics: Keep the battle organized! Try to keep all of your units on one square. This way, units are less likely to get isolated and taken out, and you are less likely to damage or distract your own squad when using special units.

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