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Talisman Online Highlights


1. High-Poly Model: Characters have been updated with high-poly model and some new improvements have beautified characters greatly.

2. TO Lucky Egg: an item got from a new quest "Birth Gift" in Green Scarp. Players can get very useful items from this Egg when reach qualified levels. Talisman Gold is available to players at level 1 to 65. All items side value about USD40.00.

3. New Map "Simen Mountain": a new place oriented to all players at level 61 and above. And players must visit NPC Panda from Moon Dragon Village (in Stone City Square) to be transported this new place.

4. New Scenario "Silver Fox Cave": a scenario for players at level 61~65, located in the North of Simen Mountain.

5. New Equipments (level 61~65): can be got in new map and new scenario.

6: New Level Cap: level 66.

7. UI Adjustment: All UI have received facelift.

More Updates:

Player Character:

1. Characters have been updated with high-poly model and some new Talisman Gold have beautified characters greatly.

2. Level cap has been lifted to level 66.

3. Improvements on Tamer's Skills

* Skill "Freezing Trap" is used to monsters from now on.
* Strengthened the skill "Stone Skin" with sharp increase on Defense it creates.
* Increased the damage absorption effected by Tamer Pet's Intimity from 25% to 30%.
* Shortened the preparing time of skill "Heavy Crack" from 1.5s to 1s. Purple Suits can optimize to 0.5s.
* Transferred the current healing way of "Heal Pet" to a BUFF.
* Adjusted the AOE skill "Spiny Crack" to an instant skill without Preparing Time.
* Added some defensive pets with AOE skill.

4. Improvements on Monk's Skills

* Increased 8% of basic damage on Monk's Staff.
* Skill "Fatal Burning" has been adjusted to AOE skill with max 3 targets in one attack.
* Fixed the bug occurred in the Inherence of skill "Improve Fatal Crack". Now the effect from Fatal Crack has been increased from 10% to 20%.
* The skill "Free Spell" now is to eliminate the effects caused by Assassin's "Soul Lost".

5. Improvements on Fairy's Skill

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