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Talisman Online Overview and Features

With your character's level increasing step by step, your Weapon & Assistant Talisman need relevant improvement in their own level to be more powerful to give their owners more help.

Enhance icon can be found directly among the default shortcut keys(Talisman Gold).

Apparently, Enhance is a necessary and important thing for players to grasp. To make sure you have enough Energy, please try your best to kill mobs and finish quests. Besides, you can also get additional Energy from Master & Apprenticeship system, Group Arena or Guild system and so on.

There are ten specific channels and five types in the chatting system

The Magicstone system is including two living skills: Decompose and Make Magicstone. Decompose is a skill that decompose color item to color crystal, like Green item to Green Crystal. Make Magicstone is a skill to use crystal and some other material to produce powerful Magicstone. With the Magicstone socket on your Talisman or Defense Gear, the equipment will get extra helpful attribute, like add vitality, add physical defense, and so on.

The Group System is available to all players except the red-name or lower than level 10 players in two forms of "Competition" and "Training". You will find it's an ideal place to level up in a quicker pace and have more joy with partners.

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