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The Guide for Pure Int Build in Talisman Online

Welcome to Mmofisher. We get the guide for int build in Talisman Online which from other website, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!

Its been proven on the korean server that in higher levels of pvp pure str's outclass pure int's surviviability wise. The main thing that costs pure int's is their low hp(Talisman Gold) and pdef, which make them easy prey for massive physical damage outputed by pure str classes. Their basically forced to stay behind the power builds and deposit their spells from a distance becuase they get destroyed in close combat.

You will think so many people are making power glaive and fire build now. They have been proven to be far more effective in pvp. If pure int builds were considered stronger, you would see full int spear or lightning builds at every corner instead.

Also we are not saying that power builds are unstoppable, a lot of the case depends on the user, a smart pure int class(Talisman Gold) could just most likely kill a pure power build if he used the correct tactics. All im trying to say is in general, power builds are more proven to be more effective in later level pvp.

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