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Crafting in the Chronicles of Spellborn

When you adventuring in the many dungeons or on The Chronicles of Spellborn , you will find a lot of items. These items vary from weaponry to leftover food rations.

Not all of them are usefil and while some might seem useless, most can be used to craft new items or repair broken items. These items can be obtained in a logical way.

In The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold, humanoid hostile NPCs, when killed may drop what they currently wear. These items will indeed be broken, necessitating repairs. To the contrary, hostile animal NPCs won’t drop The Chronicles of Spellborn Goldor equipment. You’ll be able to loot tusks, fur, guts, etc, used for your crafting needs.

 Repairing broken items

If you happen to come across broken items that you want to have repaired, you should take the item to the nearest shopkeeper He can appraise your item and he will tell you what items he will need to repair your item. The recipe list of required materials will then be deposited in The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold of  your inventory.

When you find all of the items needed to repair your broken item, bring them together with the recipe to any blacksmith and he will be able to create the item in question. The repaired item will be placed in your inventory and can be used after you leave the shop.

For instance you find a broken Sword.

First you bring the broken sword to a vendor The NPC looks at the weapon and appraises it for a small amount of The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold. He then gives you a recipe that lists the ingredients needed to repair the item, which looks a bit like this:

If you bring those items and recipes to any Forge NPC he will let you create the item for a fee.
After creation the item will appear in your inventory.

Crafting new items

When out adventuring you will definitely come across a large amount of recipes. These recipes can be used to craft various items that will either look very nice or give you a small boost to your character statistics.

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