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TCOS: Beginner guide

Hello everybody there! This is MMOdfisher, your old friend. Now here is a guide for beginner in The Chronicles of Spellborn.

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The tutorial in The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold places a strong emphasis on movement right from the start, and with good reason. Enemy AI behaves quite differently than what you might be accustomed to, using group tactics and social behaviors that give combat the same immersive depth typically reserved for PvP arenas. While a familiar WASD control scheme is still employed, getting used to dodging enemy attacks while keeping them in your crosshairs is something you will want to master early on.

The same mapping for movement keys will be used regardless of being in or out of combat, but upon entering combat you’ll typically be holding down the right mouse button (RMB) which essentially ‘arms’ attacks for use which you then execute with the left mouse button (LMB).

The key is getting used to aiming with your mouse while shifting your position with the keyboard, which will be covered a bit more in depth later in the guide. The important thing to remember here is simply that the old school method of tanking mobs or firing off spells from a stationary position has gone the way of the dinosaur in Spellborn.


Targeting is another element to combat that deserves some attention, as this is where Spellborn’s link to the realm of FPS is most obvious. Using the TAB key will allow you to cycle through nearby enemies, but what ultimately matters is keeping them in the targeting reticule that appears when hitting the F key to enter combat in The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold.

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