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TCOS : Trickster Leveling Guide

Here's a quick Rogue class guide for leveling a trickster in The Chronicles of Spellborn , if you are interested please read it on and hope helpful .

 Skills in The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold game

Set 1
Dust Kicker - Useless.
Gash – Very Useful. Deals a lot of damage and increases dramatically from damage increases like infuse, expose and burn.
Quick Strike – Alright. Good for maneuver.
Side Step – Useful. First expose skill you get. Combos well with Gash and Dance of Blades. Will eventually get replaced with Vile Cut.
Spine Stab – Alright. Heavy damage with low cooldown. Backstab is a waste of time imo in The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold.

Set 2
Backflip Kick – Very Useful. Semi-aoe with burst.
Dance of Blades – Very useful. Deals a lot of damage and works well with expose and burn.
Headshot – Very useful. Deals lots of ranged damage.
Phase – Useless. Teleport animation is too slow.
Quick Slice – Alright. Good for maneuver.
Throw – Very Useful. Lowest cooldown gadget skill.

Set 3
Aimed Thrust – Useless.
Blind – Useless. PvP only.
Cartwheel Strikes – Very Useful. +30 focus with intuition stacks help a lot.
Cluster Bomb – Very Useful. One of our only healing skills.
Snipe – Alright. Alright damage, will get replaced with Disorienting Shot.
Trickshot – Useful. Good for depleting enemy’s concentration.

Set 4
Aim – Very Useful. Works with Throw.
Double Trouble – Very Useful. Timing a good jump can use the gadget twice in the same location.
Overdrive – Alright. Use overdrive and stay in combat to move at pep 5 speed when traveling.
Razor Tip – Useless (until fixed). Too many bugs to describe here.
Vile Cut – Very Useful. Combos well with other skills.
Vile Hunt - Very Useful. One of our only healing skills

Set 5

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