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Sam :
I have had trouble with other sites before and decided to trust mmofisher. I have bought with them twice and will definitely buy from them again!
codlkilla :
this is the best website ever they are awsome omg i got it so fast
Aaroncord :
ur great best in the world=]
Bearkiller :
Nice experience. Very fast and polite customer service. I will be using you again.
BloodGenesis :
PERCFECT one word:Perfect!
arwen :
Delivery as promised and very friendly support. Nice one.
Peter :
F***en Great and smooth support with no bulls*** unessescary phone calling, and great prices too. Highy recommended! ^^
eatkrap :
After soooo many times of being ripped off by fakes and people who really do not have the funds to pay me with, These people here always and I mean ALWAYS have the game currency. So fast, they say 8 minutes, I just spend the last 3 minutes getting my currency. 3 MINUTES! All I can say is, dont play around with other jokers when these people are TOP NOTCH!
Leona :
AWESOME SERVICE & Very FAST = good price, Thank you!! Love you guys !! <3
DevilishDelight :
Nice, friendly support team, fast service, and a good price Highly recommend :)
shenx :
very very fast delviery best connection =)
Iean :
Very FAST very CHEAP!!! Thank you!!
johansens :
nice site, very fast dilevery and cheap too
Dilman666 :
Very fast and effective. A+++
Sweet!! :
Awesome service and super fast. Thank you so much!!! <3
sal :
Prompt service! Great Price!
faranz :
excellent service ! and Very FAST!! <3
Nightmarel :
Fast. All the time by time lol. Im really happy with this service. Good price. Best Regards GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dil 4 me 2 :
fastest service ever
C a n d y :
Very Good Job n1 guys i love ur suit
steven :
Great and fast service!!
John :
The best forum for buying dill^^
Hellfirefromabove :
Awesome service will definately be doing service with them for years to come. Great stuff. friendly courtesy people. :)
Vaklam :
awesome service...better than any of the other sites i tried doing business with, courteous, attentive, well managed and they have an awesome system of doing things....i recommend this site to anyone and everyone that loves to play video games and mmorpgs
Dillbuyerz :
excellent service as always.. Fast..good support. 100% safe always instant. The best 2moons seller.
Ephk :
Have always receieved super fast service from these guys, kee[ up the good work ^^
You guys ROCK, fast, and the best deals EVER!!
theguy :
Really Really fast delivery as always, soon as I purchase and message them on msn. Its a couple quick steps and they are there to meet me seconds later. There is actually few times they have waited on me hehe, never the less I will come back here for my purchasing and as long as it keep up. Forever. :)
dseff :
The best service ever! and fast ^^
Lovemein :
The fast delivery and polite service is the key for this business, and your business does a fine job satisfying customers
pixie1982 :
Fast, easy, and cheaper than others. Instant transfers too :)
Moreos :
yverson :
This is awesome!
LotsOvLuv11015 :
Luv this website awesome!!
TaylorH10 :
Very effective and easy to use.
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