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Who Needs A Compass

KOEI has set sail for European shores with its popular and well established Uncharted Waters Online. No compass is needed to get the juicy details, let OnRPG guide you through the dangerous and exciting uncharted waters that lay ahead.

OnRPG: Hi there and thank you for talking to myself and about Uncharted Waters Online Gold . Could you tell us a little about what you do for the game/company?
Tomokazu: Koei Tecmo Games, Inc. was established in April of this year through the business merger of Koei Co., Ltd. and Tecmo, Inc. We are currently working on several online games, one of which is "Uncharted Waters Online Gold". In this game set in the world of the 16th century, the player becomes a ship's captain and sails around the world. It is operated in four regions, namely Japan, S. Korea, China, and Taiwan, and is enjoyed by many people.


OnRPG: Uncharted Waters has been around for a few years now and is finally reaching shores over here in Europe and North America. What prompted the move into a new market?
Tomokazu: We first considered Asia to be the main target of this content, but as it has become popular and achieved a pretty good outcome in many places, we have taken into account the service all over the world. CJI chose this game to expand their business around the world, which helped create an opportunity for us at last.

OnRPG: There are many games out there that attempt to make the jump to consoles and sometimes suffer for it. Uncharted Waters Online Gold is available however on PlayStation. Has the console port benefitted the game?
Tomokazu: When all is said and done, the customer range has widened. We believe the best advantage is that customers who would not have visited our service, if there had been only in service for PC, now get to enjoy our service.

OnRPG: Trading, conquest, exploration. It seems all bases are covered in player types. Do the other avenues mean that players can be their own trading company or is there an emphasis on combat?
Tomokazu: If you are a merchant, you can invent a large sum of money and obtain support all over the world and thus expand your sphere of influence. If you are an adventurer, you can make discoveries and find treasures all over the world. If you are a soldier, you can obstruct other countries' trade as a pirate, or conversely, you can win fame by cracking down on hostile countries.

OnRPG: Speaking of piratical influences, do you foresee many players recreating their favorite pirate movies in Uncharted Waters?
Tomokazu: Yes, I do. I believe that it is possible for enough to be done. 
OnRPG: As I understand it the game is based in the historical Age of Exploration, though a romantic and fictional version of it. Do amateur historians have much to look forward to in the settings presented?
Tomokazu: I think so. Some fiction and fantasy are included, but history lovers can enjoy it because there are a lot of quests whose theme is historical fact.

OnRPG: How is ship to ship combat handled in the game? Is it an RPG basis or do viable nautical tactics such as Crossing the T come into play?
Tomokazu: Positioning and collaboration among each fleet are very important in that the battle is being waged in real time. The decisive factor will be the player's skill.

OnRPG: Where there's a Navy, there's a war! Will players have large scale naval engagements to look forward to?
Tomokazu: A great battle for national prestige is a major event that brings together more than a thousand ships. It will be a great place for a soldier to try out the fruits of his daily training.

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