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Who Needs A Compass (2)

OnRPG: Ships and Trade, a match made in heaven. Naturally I have to ask how the economy in these murky waters will stand up to pirate influences.
Tomokazu: The economic system is not designed unalterable. We emphasize the fact that every player can enjoy stable trading play to some extent. The market prices of trade goods are directly affected by players, but the economy is not totally concluded by the players. They are also controlled by the NPC algorithm. If time pass even if the prices of trading goods are changed by the players' actions, the mechanism where rebound is processed to some extent by NPC trading is adopted, so the economy cannot be collapsed by players' actions only.

OnRPG: Getting around in the Old World took some time. How far flung are the various cities players can lay claim to? Are the furthest reaches of the world hours away?
Tomokazu: The extent of their country's influence on towns will be changed by the change in friendly relationship between their country and the town, not by players insisting on their proprietary rights. To get to the area farthest from Europe will take several hours. Of course, if you can get a better ship in terms of performance after having performed well and advanced in the game, I think the time taken will get shorter.


OnRPG: Not everything in life is plain sailing. Are there weather effects out there in Uncharted Waters that players should be wary of?
Tomokazu: The most alarming thing is a storm, but there could be lots of other problems.

OnRPG: Towns, Cities, ships. Players have many options on places to go. Certainly I've seen your gorgeous vessels locked in combat, but are there also boarding actions to be had or will players only swings swords on land?
Tomokazu: It has not yet been implemented in the current version, but combat on the ship will be allowed in the future.

OnRPG: If there was one spot in the world you've created that you think a new player should see, where would you suggest?
Tomokazu: First, I recommend you try to reach India, which sailors dreamed of then.

OnRPG: While designers strive for balance in all things, the World Cup shows that competition is alive. Any chance that the Netherlands will give the Spanish a bit of a tough time here?
Tomokazu: Spain was a powerful nation then, so I think it is very difficult to do so. However, I think it could be achieved through the effort and unity of the users belonging to the Dutch.

OnRPG: With three expansions under the belt in other markets, aren't the maps completed in Uncharted Waters Online?
Tomokazu: No, they aren't. Ocean areas have been left which have not been yet published.
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