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Cronous Overview

Cronous is similar to many action RPGs released back in the 1990s. Games like Diablo and Nox popularized this genre, but it has seen few releases since then. Cronous attempts to re-create that atmosphere in a persistent MMORPG world. The game’s graphics and interface are very basic, but with a high level cap and simple click-to-attack gameplay, Cronous may appeal to those looking for something that reminds them of the past. There are only four classes in Cronous and no appearance customization during character creation. These classes are:

Fighter - Oddly, Fighters are the supportive class in cronous cro. They are the only class with healing abilities and also possess moves that enhance a party’s fighting capabilities.

Valkyrie -Valkyries are the only class that use ranged weapons such as bows. They rely on agility over strength and are the fastest class in the game.

Magician - Primary casters who specialize in Area of Effect (AoE) spells. They are physically frail but can teleport across the screen and have high damage capabilities.

Savage - The melee class with the highest physical damage output. Savages are the slowest moving class but have several supportive skills.

Pros: +Classic action RPG feel. +Equipment that gains experience & grows. +Simple skill system & gameplay.

Cons: -Dated graphics. -No appearance customization. -Limited class selection. (4) -Repetitive, dull monster designs.


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