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Ingame Cosplay,Unique Transforming System!

 The new transformation system is one of the most popular systems in World of Kung Fu. It's a unique system you have never seen in other games: players can not only transform into many kinds of bosses in the game, but also cosplay some famous anime characters.

Transforming results in more than just a change in appearance for characters. Different transformation cards will give characters different enhancements which makes them more powerful.

Dragon Ball Cosplay World of Kung Fu

With the new version, World of Kung Fu Gold has some really hot items coming out. One of the interesting series included in the transformation cards is Dragon Ball. This card set includes the Goku Transforming Card, Bulma Transforming Card, Master Roshi Transforming Card, and Riding Cloud.

They have the wonderful attribute bonus and enable you to enjoy the amusement of coplaying the roles from Dragon Ball: the cool monkey boy Sun Goku, the smart and pretty Bulma, and the obscene but kind-hearted Master Roshi. And don’t forget about the Riding Cloud, it is not just a fast vehicle, but an absolute necessity in the whole story of Dragon Ball.

Each transformation card has two types – the one-off and the permanent. You can choose as you like.

Transform to your favorite characters of Dragon Ball and explore the world with your best buddies! Enjoy a totally different feeling from before!

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