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How new players fast changing equipment

After add WonderKing store items can be equipped with various 1000 and huge warehouses, although not directly remove items can be used, but in the hut props box, additional items in the warehouse, additional items to receive a space to make effective use. Or players can have wonder king zed in the warehouse. Additional in 24 hours, and need not use twice already joined the scheme for a monthly fee (life), another player can use times more than three times, and wonderking zed can indicate distance can be used again next time.

Use extra warehouse

And with the weapons house aides’ dialogue may choose to use additional. Use text will appear extra warehouse; choose warning will be calculated using number 1. If players play well they can get the wonder king gold from warehouse and wonderking zed they can enjoy themselves.

Additional warehouse species: goods warehouse

But will props box, additional items within the box to item of goods, but also from the warehouse it back. But should notice is the player doesn't directly on the items of goods warehouse to attune action, every player wants to have much wk zed when they play especially the new players, if you attune items related materials to the props box or additional items box after the concocting formalities.

Additional warehouse types: items warehouse

From the kit will be moved to the equipment, but equipment wear is unable to store the equipment. The warehouse item will be arranged.

For additional warehouse

Players can be named for additional warehouse, can use more clearly in warehouses, can go to buy WonderKing Gold, goods warehouse and wonderking zed equipment 10 for their names. Finishes take name automatically.

So I want it is useful for the new players, I hope you will like it! Have a good time when you play the game!


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