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Enslave Your Friend and Earn Even More Gold

How would you like to own some “slaves” and make them work for you? Sounds crazy? Now in With Your Destiny Online you can easily fulfill this fantasy.

Wyd Gold Online is the first MMO that pays you to play. For each 2 hours that you are continuously logged in the game, you earn 2 Wyd Gold Points. What are “Gold Points”? Gold is the precious in-game currency that, under normal circumstance, can only be purchased with real-life money. You can use the “Gold Points” to buy many goodies in the Destiny Item Mall.

For the last 2 months, as a special promotion program, we have secretly doubled the Wyd Gold rewards for everyone, meaning you have been earning 4 Gold Points for every 2 hours being continuously in game.

Now the promotion period is over, but don’t worry, we are adding a new twist to this program that will allow you to earn even more Gold Points. In this new program, not only will you be earning 2 Wyd Gold  Points for every 2 continuous hours that you spend in game, you will but also earn 2 Gold Points for each of your “slaves” that spends 2 continuous hours in game. Let your slaves do the work and you can earn the reward, and more “slaves” means more Gold for you. So hurry up and enslave as many people as you can, and you can earn lots of With Your Destiny Gold Points with virtually no limit.

So how can you get “slaves”? There are many ways to do so, and the following are two very simple methods:

You can log in the game, stay in the newbie village area, and help some new players to play the game. Once you become acquainted, you can ask them to visit this link and add you as their Master. Once they do that voluntarily, you can earn the reward when he/she plays the game.

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