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Take charge of your destiny

With Your Destiny Global is a medieval fantasy themed 3D MMORPG which greatly resembles the popular game Diablo. WYD gold Global is published and developed by Hanbitsoft and JoyImpact, two of the most popular company in the field of MMORPG which are also known for several famous titles like Tantra, Granado Espada, Pangya and Hellgate London.

WYD gold Global takes you to the story of the inhabitants of a once peaceful continent that now is in the verge of a great heavenly war.

Knight of the Blazing Sun and Chosen in WYD gold

 1. The KotBS and the Chosen are both tank careers that gives buffs to allies and places debuffs on enemies.

 2. They are support-tank careers that rely on their heavy armor to protect teammates but also they hold the special ability of commands or auras.

 3. These commands and auras are AoE buffs/debuffs that increases all teammate’s ability within range or debuffs their enemies with devastating negatives that might change the battle inside out.

 Witch Hunter and Witch Elf in WYD gold

 1. The Witch Hunter and Witch Elf are Melee DPS careers that use combo point system where you chain attacks till your finishing move.

 2. They build Accusations (WH) and Frenzy (WE) during battle which increases their power, unlocks abilities, and also spent by finishers.

 3. They are also the only class that currently have cloaking abilities.

 Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine in WYD gold

 1. These 2 careers are considered Healer/Support careers but also has a good chunk of Melee DPS in them.

 2. Their mechanic makes them great healers during RvR and also great fighters.

 3. When they fight, they build up Righteous Fury (WP) or Soul Essence (DoK) which is used to heal/buff yourself or your defensive target (teammate).

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