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The camp of unbalanced for With Your Destiny

In particular, the Green Paper and dwarves TEMPLE map of the battlefield, is robbed flag run everywhere, not killed, the longer with the higher scores in With Your Destiny game . 

Since it is with flags, there is a very traditional mode: the flag of anti-blood thick-skinned to be hard, the end of the line protection to be treated, a group of people to follow the slowdown will be DPS.

The other party to regain the flag, it must be able to slow down to DPS, recovering flags were on their way to fight for someone.

At present, human VS chaotic battlefield map, balance still can, in general Qiangde get upper hand side winning the flag high. The Green Paper VS dwarves the battlefield map, is totally one-sided, almost order to maintain 100% winning percentage.

This camp from both sides of the imbalance career start with Wyd Gold .

First of all, the huge imbalance in occupational therapy.
To order, three of occupation, address, needless to say, Pihou treatment capacity of metamorphosis, one of about 10 at 2-3, was hurt in the general destruction of the higher-level vocational Qunou to ensure the survival, often at a , The protection of a DPS, can destroy the death of two personal consumption.

The treatment of Wyd Gold grazing capacity, although not at metamorphosis, but the DPS have both ability and the ability of the circumstances, the most important thing is, and at the same armored hard, can guarantee their own survival. The last wearing a light of the big Mo Daoshi, although relatively little blood, but prompt treatment skills of the same metamorphosis.

And the destruction of one party, the choice of occupational therapy itself relatively small. Kahn zealots and the relatively thin armor, Saman With the rising level of more and more difficult to see. Three armored relatively thin career, it is difficult to like at Wyd Gold, and animal husbandry, in the course of treatment ensure their own safety. And the destruction of three occupational therapy has a certain ability to attack, often intoxicated at the DPS, forget the treatment led to the collapse of Front.

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