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Using effective hotkeys in With Your Destiny

You're already 80% of the way to becoming a pro--just by using effective hotkeys in With Your Destiny.

Core abilities are often used swiftly, as many are detaunts or protective shields or whatever. By setting them to these keys, which are close by your 'Movement' keys, you'll be able to mash them as needed during hectic battles.

A note on 'Q' and 'E': these two keys are perhaps the easiest to reach for the Wyd Gold configuration, so you may want to place your 'most important' instant-cast abilities here, even if they're from one of your Mastery Paths.

 Look at you! You have everything hotkeyed. Of course you could hotkey dozens of additional bars, but that is totally unnecessary. Be sure to click 'Save' on the KEY MAPPING screen.

Now we'll set up your abilities again in their new, proper places. Open your ABILITIES menu and arrange your abilities on your bars as you see fit.

As above, I strongly suggest organising your abilities by their Mastery type. So, all of an Archmage's Path of Isha abilities would go on the 1-9 keys, her Path of Asuryan abilities would go on ALT 1-9, etc. But keep in mind that hotkeys are customised for your specifications. They're to make you play better. If it makes sense to you to mix your abilities in a particular way, do it to get Wyd Gold.

 The main point is to never, ever click on an ability again, though (except maybe hour-long buffs which you only need to cast every now and then--you can click those if you want!), so if you ever find yourself trying to click an ability because it feels 'uncomfortable', move it to a more comfortable hotkey.

For example, I dislike pressing my '6-8' keys so I've assigned those hotbar slots to different keys or just left them blank. What you'll find in Wyd Gold is that, depending on your Mastery Path, you'll have a set of abilities which you use all of the time and others which you almost never use because they are exceptionally weak in comparison to the abilities you have improved through Mastery Points.

Again, for example, if our Archmage has improved all of her Path of Isha healing abilities, she's probably not going to use her Path of Asuryan abilities all that often. So she can assign them to harder-to-reach keys without much worry.

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